Autoclave Wing Nut Electric Made of Stainless Steel Manufactured by Desco Medical India
Specification :-
Autoclave Wing Nut is also known as Wing Nut Sterilizers, Portable Wing Nut Autoclaves Sterilizers
Autoclave Wing Nut is a part of Steam Sterilizing Equipment
Autoclave Wing Nut is Electrical and is made of Stainless Steel
The body and lid has Seamless Construction from Extra Thick Stainless Steel Sheet Body & Lid for more safety and life long performance.
The Anti-Bulging & Fuel Saver Base is provided for Additional Strength, Fuel Saving and Time Saving.
The depression at centre of the lid helps in Additional Strength.
The Gasket is ISI Marked food grade synthetic rubber gasket for better reliability, hygiene & longer life.
The Gasket Release System (GRS) & fusible plug type safety valve is available for Triple-Safety.
The pressure gauge is Colour-coded Pressure Gauge to indicate the safe and danger zones.
The repeating type safety valve is provided for better Safety and longer & error-free performance.
The vacuum release & steam release valves are made of Stainless Steel for longer life and to avoid toxic deposits on valves due to oxidation.
The heating element is ISI Marked which is made of thick and heavy copper pipe with very thick chrome plating.
The Electric Cable has heavy electric wires to comfortably bear the heating load.
The 3 Pin Plug & Element Connector is of High quality for electrical safety.
The handles is made from heat resistant, impact tolerant, finest quality bakelite, fitted with Stainless Steel screws to avoid easy loosening of handles.
The inside tripod stand is made of Stainless Steel with extra height to avoid wetting of instruments.
The outer stand is well designed to provide proper stability to the Autoclave Wing Nut.
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Autoclave Wing Nut Electric Made of Stainless Steel at wholesale competitive prices from India.

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Model No Size in inch  Size in mm Capacity (Ltr) Heating Element
AUWN 201  10 X 13 Inch 250 X 325 mm 16 Ltr 2 KW
AUWN 202  12 X 12 Inch 300 X 300 mm 21 Ltr 2 KW
AUWN 203  12 X 15 Inch 300 X 375 mm 27 Ltr 2 KW
AUWN 204 12 X 22 Inch 300 X 550 mm 39 Ltr 2 KW


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