Autoclave Fumigator Made of Stainless Steel Manufactured by Autoclave Sterilizers India


Simple and Economic in Operation:
So easy to use, Our Multipurpose fumgitor can be efficiently operated even
by a ward boy, In addition no heat or catalyst is needed to spray the aerosol
mist. So no extra expenses are incurred. And no separated arrangement is
required for humidity. Ideal temperature in the area to be disinfected should
be between 24°C to 38°C
a) For Routine Disinfection: 30ml of formalin of 40% concentration with
90ml of pure water is 1000 cubic feet area
b) For Intensive Disinfection: 90ml of formalin 40% concentration with 90ml
of pure water is sufficient for 1000 cubic feet area.
Formalin Dettol Savion Servocid, Phenol etc. can be safely used in the
multipurpose way.
Fumigator can be used to desinfect:
Hospital: Operation Theatres, Post Operative Area, Patient Ward, Maternity
Nursing Homes, Sanatoriums, Mortuary, Pathological & Micro-Biological
Laboratories, Mobile Family Planning Centers & Isolated Areas. Industries :
Pharmaceuticals Plants, Vaccine Manufacturing Plants, Food & Meat
Processing Plants, Cold Storage Units, Hotels, HealthClubs, Offices, Record-
Rooms, etc. Livestock: Hatcheries, Egg Storge Rooms Poultry houses, Egg
Fumigation, Small Animal House, Sericulture, Canine House,
Zoological/Botanical Parks, Veterinary Labortories, Veterinary Hospitals
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Autoclave Fumigator Stainless Steel at competitive prices from India.
For More Information, visit us at www.descomedicalindia.com
Model No  Capacity (Ltr)
AUFU 101 1.5 Ltr
AUFU 102 3 Ltrs
AUFU 103 5 Ltrs
AUFU 104 6.5 Ltr


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